Sweet Lemon - Health Benefits of Juice and Its Nutritional Value

Lemon, a common citrus fruit, was originated in the Southeast Asia. Sweet lemons generally grow in tropical and subtropical climate. They are green in colour and quite similar to lemons in from the outside, but sweet like an orange. This fruit is the main production of Brazil, Mexico and the United States.

How Sweet Lemon Benefits your Health?

Sweet lemon is mostly used to make different types of beverages and also for daily cooking items. They come in different varieties and each of them has different nutritional value. Lime juice is the most often consumed particularly during the summer season. Content of sweet lemon calories is 10 in one single fruit.

Sweet lemon nutrition facts show that it is a rich source of vitamin C and potassium. Along with its features of cooling and refreshing, it also has medicinal benefits, as this juice boosts the immune system. Because of the low content of sweet lemon calories, it is perfect low fat diet, containing only 0.3 grams.

This fruit not only tastes sweet, but it is also good for your health. Given here are some health benefits of sweet lemon.

sweet lemon

Stimulator for Digestive System: This fruit contains flavanoids that help in the stimulation of the digestive system and increasing the production of bile and digestive juices. It flushes out toxins through the excretory system, by neutralizing the acidic digestive juices. It assists in quick digestion by enhancing the release of saliva in mouth. It relieves you from stomach problems, nausea and indigestion.

Rich in Antioxidants: Vitamin C is present in high amounts in this fruit, and it is one of the most important antioxidant. It relieves you from painful swelling and inflammation by neutralizing the free radicals of your body that can interfere with healthy cells. It prevents and protects you from rheumatoid arthritis, as it is rich in vitamin C.

Anti Cancerous Properties: Liminoids present in this fruit are attached to a sugar molecule called glucose. These Liminoids can be easily digested by our body without glucose and releases the Limonin. Liminoids relieve from the cancers of skin, mouth, stomach, lungs, colons and breast.

Helpful in Weight Loss: To significant weight loss, you could squeeze sweet lime in warm water and drinking it everyday. Being low in fat and calories, this juice helps you in shedding weight quickly.

Other sweet lemon benefits are:

- It is good for your skin because it includes bleaching and mild cleansing agents that can help you in get rid of pimples, and gives you a radiant and clear skin.
- It also reduces the insect bite pain and lightens the pigmentation on the elbows and knees.
- It is beneficial for diabetic patients. They could take 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with 4 tablespoons of amla or gooseberry juice and 1 tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach every morning for good results.
- Acid content of lime juice also relieves you from the ulcers of esophagus, stomach or upper intestine by causing an alkaline reaction in the system and reducing acidity.
- Regular consumption of lime juice ensures proper blood circulation by improving the functioning of heart, which in turn boosts your immune system.

You could take it every morning or during the day to refresh yourself and get on with your day to day works. It not only refreshes you, but also cools you down during the hot summer days. It is believed that it also can be consumed while suffering from cold. With all these benefits, you can drink it everyday like you want without having to worry about anything, unless you are allergic to citric acid.

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